3D printed solar panel for the office

3D Printed solar panel from the future, now you can use your printer for that!

According to TechCrunch, the printer that’s made from a 3D-printed metal plate was recently used in a successful demonstration of a solar panel at the company’s headquarters in Boston, MA.

The printer was created from the material called C-C-T (carbon nanotube tungsten oxide), which has an incredibly low weight and strength compared to metal and is also a renewable material.

According to the company, the design was inspired by the technology used to print an iPhone case and an iPod dock back in 2011.

TechCrunch reports that the 3D printing process has already been tested successfully on an iPhone 5S, and the company is working to create solar panels that can be printed from carbon nanotubes.

As of right now, the company doesn’t have plans to make solar panels for office buildings or large buildings, but the company has been working on plans for that.

The 3D printer could also be used to make high-end solar panels, like those that come with smartphones.

The company is already working on a project to build solar panels using C-T and other renewable materials.

The solar panels will need to be attached to the building using a flexible wire that is attached to a small metal frame attached to an electrical outlet.

The device also has a built-in solar charger, which can be connected to an array of solar panels or to solar panels mounted on the building’s roof.

It’s not clear how many solar panels are in the prototype that TechCrunch is showing, but it’s clear that this printer is an interesting one to look at.