How to build your own soda display shelf

You’re a soda geek.

Now you can build your very own soda shelf out of a plastic container and some tape. 

The process starts with the soda. 

First you need to cut a piece of plastic about a foot in diameter.

Then you cut a second piece of the plastic about four feet long. 

Then you take one end of the tape and wrap it around the tape, like you would do on a piece a dollar at Walmart. 

You wrap the tape around the soda so it is in a tight fit and snug. 

Next you cut the tape down to the size of the container you want the shelf to sit on. 

Finally, you attach the soda display to the soda container. 

Now that you have a soda display, you need some tape to hold it in place.

First, you have to tape the soda to the plastic.

You can use the same kind of tape that you would use for a $3 cup of soda at Walmart, but instead of putting it over the plastic, you can use a cheap plastic tape.

If you don’t know how to do this, just buy some cheap tape.

The plastic tape you use is just a cheap thin piece of tape.

Then, you will tape the plastic tape to the shelf. 

Once the plastic is taped to the tape holder, you should be able to fit it in the space of the soda shelf.

Now that you’ve done this, you are ready to attach the tape to your soda display. 

So, you’re ready to go! 

The best way to attach your soda to your display is to tape it to a piece or two of paper.

I like to use my paper to hold my tape.

You just tape the paper to the paper.

You’ll then be able hang the display over your soda.

Here’s what the display looks like after it is taped up: