How to Get a New Dress to Fit You

The new season of American Horror Story: Hotel is coming, and while the brand is still on track for a fall premiere, there’s a new dress to add to the mix.

According to the brand, the new season’s theme is “dress, dress up.”

While the dress will be limited to a $50 purchase, it’s being designed by fashion house Rag & Bone and will be available in two colors: a bright orange and white.

The dress is also available in a “bridesmaid” style and will retail for $55.

Check out the new dress below.

As for the dress itself, the brand teased that the look is inspired by “a girl with a passion for fashion and dressing up,” and the inspiration was shared in the “dress dress up” scene in season 3.

As with the other season’s costumes, you’ll also be able to choose a “black-and-white” option and a “” option.

The new season premieres Monday, November 12 on FX.

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