How to turn your hair into a selfie stick

A selfie stick is just the latest selfie accessory to be marketed to the masses.

But the real innovation may lie in a new breed of selfie stick called the hair display racking.

These hair racks can hold your hair and even your face.

And they come with a new feature called hair display that’s a hair-based stylist that lets you change your hair color and style.

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The hair rack has been on the market for about a year now, and it’s a fairly popular product.

This is the product we’re going to talk about today, as it’s also one of the most expensive accessories.

The idea behind this hair rack is to hold your own hair, even when it’s not in your face, and then let you choose your own colors.

Hair rack hair display will hold a hair or your face with a stylist at your disposal.

In this example, you have hair, and the stylist uses a hair brush to pick up the hair and place it in the rack.

The stylist can choose to add hair to the rack, as well as change the color, or to leave your hair alone.

It’s all in the hair itself, and when the stylists brush on the hair, it takes on the appearance of hair, according to the website.

Here’s the beauty of this hair display system.

The stylist doesn’t need to be in a salon to use the system, and they’re completely hands off.

Hair racks have become so popular that a number of companies have been offering hair displays for just a few bucks.

The hair rack hair can be purchased through websites like Amazon or Ebay, and these hair racks usually cost less than $50.

It does require some patience, however, as you can only use one hair at a time.

You may also need to make sure your hair is clean before you can start.

When using the hair rack, the stylista can also make sure you have shampoo on hand, a brush, and some disposable razors.

If you’re looking for a hair display to get your hair straightened, try a hair salon or a stylists salon, because the system works better for hair that’s naturally curly.