How to watch surfing at home in the backyard

A little trick is a great way to enjoy the sun on the beach and not miss out on the cool rays coming down from the clouds.

Here are some of our favorite tricks to surf in the sun:1.

Put your feet up on the surfboard and wave your arms in the air.

The sun reflects off your feet, but it is the waves and the surf that are the key to this.

You will notice that the sun is reflected off your back.2.

Turn your surfboard upside down and wave it at the horizon with your arms out in front of you.3.

Put the surf board up against the wall and wave with your arm out in the open, like a giant arm with a shield.4.

Stand in front and wave, like you are surfing.

You can also turn your board upside down, and wave sideways in front.5.

Make sure to wave in the surf with your palms facing toward the ocean.

This is a little trick to try.6.

Use the sun’s rays to make your sand float in the water.

This can be tricky to do, so practice it.7.

Use your palms to make waves while waving your arms.

Make a large wave by holding your arms and your palms together and waving your hands.8.

If you are at the beach, try turning your surf board sideways so that it is in front or behind you.9.

If there is a good surf to be had, go out on your front porch, swing your surfboards sideways, and ride them in the waves.

You could even use the sun as a guide!10.

Take a wave on your backyard deck and wave at the sun from the beach or on your deck in the pool.11.

Try to get as many waves in as possible before you go surfing, especially at the beginning of the day.

If you’re still not sure where to start, we have a list of recommended places for the best surfing in the summer.

We recommend going to the beach first because the sun has more UV rays than the water, and you can enjoy it a lot more.

For those of you who like to surf, the best way to start is to get your feet wet in the sand or sand bar, and then start surfing.

The more waves you surf in, the better you will get at it.

You also want to try to surf as much as possible in the morning or at night to get some sun in your face before the sun goes down.

If there are no good spots to surf at the moment, try heading back to the water with the surf boards.

Just because you are back at the water doesn’t mean you are ready to surf.

If it’s too hot, it may not be worth it to surf because the surf will be too cold.

If the temperature is too cold, you may not feel the waves as well and you may miss out.

The sun’s effect on your body will be stronger than the waves themselves, so you need to stay in the shade and do something else.

If nothing else, go for it.

It will help you warm up a bit.

We will be back with more great surfing tricks and ideas in the coming weeks.

We also have a new guide, surfboard show, and the first ever surfing video, “Hiking with a Surfer.”

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