J.Crew has unveiled a new j.crew collection inspired by the brand’s history of jive and jazz music


Crew has unveiled the first j.wear collection inspired in part by its long-standing love for jazz and jazz-inspired music, according to the company’s CEO.

In addition to J.W. Oates, who played trumpet on many J. W. Oakes classics and was instrumental in establishing the brand as a hipster brand, the new collection features collaborations with J. Lewis and Mavis Staples.

It features a selection of accessories, as well as a collection of accessories made specifically for J.C. Penney.

The collection is available at J.J.W._and._J.

C._ stores nationwide.

The new collection also features a collaboration with a J.H. Jagger, who wore the collection during the J. C. Penneys-J.

Crew reunion tour last year. 

The collection, which is slated to launch in October, also includes an exclusive collection of the company-owned collection.

The line is available exclusively at JJW._stores nationwide. 

In an interview with Billboard magazine published Thursday, J. Cole described the new jwwear collection as “the first jw wear collection from the brand that has everything.”

“We got it from the same place as everybody else.

We got it straight from J.O.W., and that’s why it’s so exciting,” Cole said.

“We’re like the ’70s and ’80s.

You got all these jw hats, and it’s cool.

I think that’s what everybody else was doing, you know what I mean?

That’s why we’re the ’80’s.” 

Cole’s comments come as J. J. and J. K. Rowling are currently filming a new Harry Potter movie, which marks the first time the pair have collaborated on a major film.