What You Need to Know About the RAC’s New York City-based Showcase Rodeo

The RAC, a new show-and-rallying operation that has a penchant for bringing in celebrities and other special guests to perform for a crowd of thousands, is opening its first venue in Manhattan this month.

The New York Times reports that the Rac’s first show will take place on November 15th at the Brooklyn Bridge, which is located in the middle of Brooklyn and has long been a favorite of the RCA.

According to the Times, the Rancid Stage will feature a capacity of about 2,000 people, and a stage set featuring a variety of live music acts, including The Roots, the Rolling Stones, The Who, and even a couple of acts from the Foo Fighters.

The Rancids’ website says that the venue will open on November 14th at 9 p.m.

Tickets go on sale this Saturday.

The Times reports the RACC will be open on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tickets for the show will cost $65 for general admission and $80 for a VIP package.

The venue is located at 521 West 42nd Street, Brooklyn.

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