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A guitar display case in the US may be about to get its final fix before the end of the year.

The Guitar Display Rack, which was designed to showcase a range of guitar displays, has just received a major upgrade from its predecessor, which only featured one of them.

Guitar Display Rack 1.0 will be the final upgrade to the previous display case that’s been in use for more than two decades.

“We are very excited to introduce the 1.1 version,” said John Todaro, general manager of Guitar Display, at the US Guitar Center’s 2016 Guitar Fest in New Orleans.

“It is the culmination of years of work by all the people who have contributed to this project over the years.”

The original 1.2 case featured just one display and no buttons.

The latest upgrade will offer three displays, each with a different button to open it, with a dedicated power switch, a detachable battery, and a battery compartment.

There’s no word on pricing, but the new 1.3 version will go for around $2,200.

It’ll also have two additional buttons that are much more useful than the existing one, such as “play” and “pause.”

You can see the new case’s full specs below: Graphic design: It’s a solid piece of kit that’s a great fit for any guitarist.

Specs: Weight: 7.8lbs (3.4kg) Width: 8.2in (20.9cm) Height: 2.2ins (6.5cm) Height adjustment: 3.5in (7.4cm) Display size: 16in (41cm) Length: 6.6in (17.5mm) Weight: 1.9lbs (0.75kg) Display display: 16.4in (40cm) Battery compartment: 13.4Whr (6,500mAh) Charging time: 60min (12hours) Display: 15.6inch (45cm) and 16inch (42cm)