Which beer will you drink today?

Drinking more beer can be fun, but not necessarily easy.

The good news is that the average American drinks less beer in 2014 than in 2006, and the beer we’re drinking today is more nutritious and more environmentally friendly than beer from the past century.

But you can’t just stop at the top-tier beers — the other beers are equally worthy of a try.

Here are some of the top beers on the market today.

What’s in a name?

Beer names are often associated with particular styles, so the names you’re drinking now may be familiar.

Here’s what you should know about the names of the world’s best-selling beers.1.

The Heineken Pasteur de Gruyter, Belgian lager brewed with Heinekens, a type of wheat malt.

A few varieties of Heinekins are available, but the popular Heinekeins, the most widely used variety, is made with malted wheat.2.

Guinness A British craft beer, Guinness is an all-malt beer brewed with malts such as malted barley, barley malt, rye and malted rye, plus other malts.

Guinness was made famous by the late King Arthur.

It’s also available in various styles, from iced to lager.3.

Budweiser A popular Belgian beer brewed from a variety of malts and malts from the German Alps.

Bud is often associated not with the beer itself, but with the flavor.4.

Stella Artois Belgian stout brewed with Brettanomyces, a yeast strain found in beer.

It produces fruity, citrusy and spicy flavors, and its aroma is often described as “fresh and crisp.”5.

Corona Mexican craft beer made with a blend of Mexican and American hops, including Centennial, Citra, Amarillo and Simcoe.

It is often named for the state of Mexico, but is also called “Coyote.”6.

MillerCoors A double-barreled American-style beer brewed in the United States and bottled in the states of Tennessee and California.

It has a very different flavor profile from the classic Bud Light, with more of a honeyed malt flavor.7.

Miller Lite A American craft beer that’s popular in the U.S. but made from barley and other grains in Europe.

It also comes in several varieties, such as the Double IPL and the Lager.8.

Corona Extra A single-barrel, American-made beer made from a blend from six different grains.

It includes a touch of bitterness, and can be found in several flavors, including the Imperial IPA.9.

Corona Imperial A classic American craft brew made with Centennial hops, and is often called “The Olde English Ale.”10.

Coors Light A light American beer brewed at a farmhouse style in the Midwest and bottled at the U