How to get the perfect iPhone X display rack for your home

There’s no denying that Apple’s latest flagship smartphone has quickly become a favorite among home owners.

The iPhone X has sold out of its retail stores and its iPhone XS model has sold through nearly 40,000 preorders in just one day, according to data from the company.

The company also released a new video today that showed how to get a display rack that will fit your iPhone X.

The video shows how to attach a custom display rack to your existing Apple HomeKit system, with a quick tutorial on how to add a new display panel to your wall, which will then become your iPhone’s home screen.

In addition, the video showed how a custom Apple Watch app could add a custom-designed display to your home screen that will show up on your watch face.

Apple said that the video will be available on the company’s YouTube channel this morning, but Apple didn’t provide any further details on the device, the company, or how to purchase the display rack.

The iPhone X, the first iPhone to come with the new OLED display technology, is now available in stores for $1,299, up from $1.99 for the previous model.

It is available in two color options, white and gold, and it comes with a fingerprint reader, as well as a power bank that can be used for charging and charging via USB or Apple TV.

The display will be included with any new iPhone purchased after October 18.

The Apple Watch Sport and the new Apple Watch Series 2 will be announced in October.