How to Use an iPod Touch as a Magazines Rack

A couple of weeks ago, we published an article on how to use an iPod touch as a magazine rack, in which we said that an iPod dock or docking station is useful for using an iPod and a magazine as a single system, but this is not necessarily the case.

We recommend that you consider your iPod’s display rack as a separate and separate system.

The article states: If you’re going to use your iPod as a mags rack, consider adding the following features to your iPod dock dock or dock station: 1.

a mag-safe dock with a detachable MagSafe accessory slot.

You can put an iPod on the MagSafe slot, but the Magsafe accessory slot cannot be used to swap out the mag-protected iPod dock.


a MagSafe docking station with a Magsafe slot.

A MagSafe dock can have up to 2 MagSafe accessories on the dock.


a cable management system with MagSafe slots.

A cable management unit can be used on the magsafe docking station.


a USB port.

You could also use a USB cable to power the Mags on the DockStation.

What about charging?

We are not yet sure what charging options are available for the MagS Dock, but we do know that you can charge the MagMag battery via USB or another USB port (not pictured).

What if you don’t have a MagS dock?

The MagMag charging dock can be connected to your iPad by connecting the MagSDD adapter, as well as a USB cord.

How do I get an iPod to charge using the MagCharger?

There are several ways to get an Apple iPod to use the Mag Charger.

You will need to buy an iPod charger that plugs into the Mag SDD adapter.

You’ll also need to have an iPod.

We suggest purchasing a USB charging cable from Apple.

The MagChargers can be purchased at Apple retail stores or Amazon, but they do not work on the App Store.

You can use a MagCharging adapter that plugs directly into the dock connector, or you can buy a MagSD-compatible USB cable.

If you want to use a magSD-capable USB cable, you’ll need to purchase the MagHDD adapter separately.

For more information about charging your iPod using MagSD adapters, you can read this article.

There are also some MagSD adapter kits available for purchase that can charge an iPod directly from a USB charger.

We do not recommend purchasing a Magsd adapter kit for your iPod that doesn’t come with MagSD dock connector.

You need to connect a Mag SD dock connector to the Mag adapter kit to charge the iPod.

I’ve had issues charging my iPod using the dock dock, what can I do?

You might have a few things going on with your iPod.

Some iPod docks might not be charging properly, or charging power might be limited.

These are not necessarily Apple fault.

The best thing to do is to contact Apple support and they can resolve these issues.

Have you had any problems charging your iPods with MagCharg adapters?

If you have any questions about charging an iPod using an iPad or MagCharg adapter, you may want to check out the Mag chargers page for Apple.