Watch ‘Sister Act’ Teaser Trailer With New Video and Trailer on MTV News

Teaspoon, an indie company based in Toronto, has unveiled a teaser trailer for its upcoming film, Sisters Act.

Titled “Sisters Act,” the trailer features a scene from the film in which a character’s sister plays a role in their life.

“Sisters act is an epic, groundbreaking, and hilarious musical that’s been inspiring our sisters to dream big,” Teaspon founder and CEO Emily DeRosa said in a statement.

“It’s been a journey of transformation for our girls, and we are truly humbled by the support they’ve received.”

The trailer features an animated character playing a role called “Shirley,” who has become a member of the Sisters Act collective, which is a social justice group.

Teaspons sister, Samantha, plays the role of “Sister.”

Teaspoons film will premiere in theaters this fall.

Teaspo will release Sisters Act on VOD and digital platforms starting in October.

Teasing the movie’s title and trailer with a video, Teaspo said, “This will be the first time a trailer has ever been shown on our YouTube channel.

It’s a true statement, a love letter to sisters, and to the Sisters act movement, which has always been about making a difference for girls around the world.”