How the Titans used the space on the shelf in their own end zone to put up two points against the Cowboys

The Titans finally took the field in Week 8 against the Washington Redskins.

They were in desperate need of a win after losing to the Buffalo Bills 24-16.

It was a bad loss, but it was also a win.

The Titans were able to hold the lead in the second half of the game and eventually put together a strong comeback, scoring a touchdown in the final minutes.

The second half was much better.

The Cowboys scored a touchdown on the ensuing possession.

It capped a three-play, 80-yard drive that was one of the most entertaining drives of the year.

After a pair of sacks, the Cowboys scored two more touchdowns to take a 31-0 lead.

The first was on a touchdown pass from Dak Prescott, who had a career-high 13 yards on the first play of the drive.

The other was on third down, when the Titans defense was able to put the ball in the hands of wide receiver Kenny Britt for a touchdown.

The final score was 31-7.

The defense made a big play, too.

After Britt’s touchdown, the Titans scored two touchdowns of their own.

On third down on fourth-and-6, Britt ran a post to the Titans’ 23-yard line.

He ran it in for a 10-yard gain and had two other catches.

On fourth-down, Britt made a great catch of a pass from Prescott to make it 21-3 with just over seven minutes left in the game.

The score put the Titans at halftime at 26-3, and the Titans were still up 21-10.

The offense was doing its thing, but the defense was starting to show signs of life.

Prescott was getting open downfield, and he hit tight end Austin Hooper for a 20-yard touchdown pass.

Hooper returned a kickoff 100 yards for a score and was picked off again in the end zone by cornerback Zack Sanchez.

It gave the Titans a big cushion heading into the game, but they were unable to capitalize on it.

On the first drive of the fourth quarter, the defense held the Cowboys to two first downs.

On second down, Prescott went up to the line and found Kenny Britt in the back of the endzone.

The pass was incomplete and the Cowboys would have to punt the ball away on fourth down.

The play was a huge step forward for the Titans.

Prescott went from getting sacked five times and giving up 10 catches for 139 yards to only two interceptions, and that was the first time in the first half of a game where the Titans had more than two interceptions in a single game.

Prescott had four receptions for 53 yards.

Prescott is a talented passer, but he’s not the type of player that is going to take away from his receivers.

He’s a big-play quarterback.

He needs to be able to make plays.

He’ll be able, but there’s no question that’s the type who gets you down on the field.