How to buy an Amazon Echo Showpiece, the latest gadget for Amazon Echo owners

I just got my Echo Showpieces today.

The company has announced a special promotion for the gadgets for the first three days of availability.

That includes a deal on a 3-day free shipping if you purchase one for $99.99.

The $99 price tag comes with a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, which is a great deal considering the Echo Show is just a phone and the company doesn’t offer a separate smartphone service.

The Echo Show pieces can be had in either silver, silver and black, or black and silver.

The 3-Day Free Shipping is also good on all of the Echo products.

The device is powered by the same 6-inch 8-megapixel camera, and Amazon is offering three different colors, silver, black and black and white.

The accessories are also available at Amazon.

The price of the 3-days free shipping is $29.99, but if you already own an Echo Show or Echo Dot, the device isn’t a dealbreaker.

Amazon will also be giving away free Echo Show cases to Amazon Echo customers.

You can buy the cases at Amazon, but you’ll have to pay for them, which may seem a little strange.

But if you’re interested in a free Echo display, you might want to check out the other Echo Show gadgets.