How to dress up as a Sandals displayrack

A new display rack that you can wear on your feet to display your football kit and team crest is set to debut this weekend.

The new Sandals rack, a collaboration between Italian sports shoe brand Nike and the Italian football league, will be on sale on the official website of the Serie A football team, Fiorentina.

The display rack was created by Nike in collaboration with the football club in collaboration, and is set in the city of Turin.

It is expected to be available to the public this Saturday for €7.99 ($8.10) and is available for pre-order now.

The Nike Sandals collection is one of the most highly sought after by collectors around the world.

The brand recently unveiled a new version of the Sandals shoe with a similar design to the one that is now on sale in the USA.

It also launched the new Nike SBW1 footwear in July.

Nike SBW 1 shoes are available in black, brown and grey, while Nike SBF1 shoes are priced at €149 ($175).

The new display racks are expected to debut on Friday, September 23.