New aquarium display racks at Walt Disney World resort open

Walt Disney Resort Resort has announced that new aquarium display racking system will be available to guests this week at the Magic Kingdom, including at the Epcot and Epcot-Florida Rivers Rivers Rivers of America and Walt Disney Imagineering Rivers of the World parks.

The new feature will be a part of the new “Vitamin Display” program.

The system will allow guests to view their favorite aquarium exhibits through the glass display racks installed in the lobby of the Magic and Contemporary resorts.

In addition, the new system will include a variety of glass and glass-based accessories including sunglasses, hand sanitizer, a hand-held water bottle dispenser, and a water filter for guests to refill their water bottles.

“We are thrilled to introduce this new system for our guests,” said Walt Disney Parks and Resorts President John H. Hanley.

“With a wide range of options and a variety in size, the system is the perfect solution for guests who wish to display their favorite exhibits and accessories in the most comfortable and creative way.”

The new system comes on the heels of the unveiling of a new collection of interactive display racks and kiosks at the Disneyland Resort.

The new display rack system features a variety at Walt’s Walt Disney Theme Park Resort including the MagicBand, a set of eight rotating display rams, and the VITO 360 display kiosk.

Disney has also announced that guests can also check out the new Disney Infinity game mode that includes a variety, including a new 3D mode, which includes new collectibles, characters and vehicles.

The Disney Infinity 3D game mode also includes new features like the “Power Up” feature that will give players the ability to transform their favorite characters into their favorite vehicles.

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