Why do Apple’s Apple TV and Roku TVs not have the Apple logo?

The Apple TV, Apple TV Mini, and Apple TV Air have the iconic Apple logo on the front and back.

However, they do not have any logo on their display racks.

The Roku TVs and Apple TVs have the brand logo on either side of the display rack.

The Apple TVs do not appear to have the logo anywhere on the top or bottom of the unit, either.

This could be because the brand is being obscured in the software or because the display racks are made from different materials.

Apple has not responded to requests for comment.

The problem could be resolved with a firmware update, which Apple says will be available to all customers on May 31.

However the company says the update will not be ready for release until June 10.

This is the first time we’ve seen an Apple TV model without the brand logos on the display.

It may be because Apple is working on a new display and cannot release a new model until it is fully optimized.

Apple will not release a second model without its brand logos.