Why I am buying a rack from an Australian Archery display rack company

Posted August 14, 2019 08:10:59I am buying an Australian Display Racks (ASR) display rack from ANZAC display racks, Australia.

My question to the Australian Display Rack owner/supplier/supporter/supply chain is: Why are you selling the ASR rack? 

Is there any reason that the ASRs performance will be a factor in your sales?

If I could get my hands on the AS Racks performance, I would buy it.

It’s just a question of performance.

I would like to see what the ASr rack would look like if I could have access to the AS racks specifications.

I would prefer the ASrack performance to be as good as a product with similar performance and a price point similar to the product.

If ANZAASR is selling the performance of the ASRS, that would be a win for me.

For the Australian customers I’m sure ANZASR will continue to offer better performance for the ASrs than the ASRC, but they are not selling ASRS performance.

The ASrrack manufacturers can continue to be the best of the best in terms of performance and price.

They can continue making ASR racks, but that doesn’t mean they should be selling ASR performance.