How To Make A Caddy Display Rack for Your Barrels

Caddies are a staple in the world of hobby and competitive shooting.

They are often designed to handle any kind of load.

Caddie racks have become the go-to accessory for most shooters, with hundreds of options.

We’ve rounded up a handful of the best ones to help you pick the best Caddiest Rack.

First up is the Caddy Rack by Caddi-Door.

It features an integrated drum brake, a single vertical barrel, and a detachable sling mount for the barrel.

It’s one of the cheapest Caddis out there, and we recommend it for beginners and intermediate shooters.

Second up is Caddy Barrel.

This rack comes with a single, vertical barrel.

The top has a single drum brake for the loading and loading, and the bottom has a detaching sling mount.

The Caddy has a built-in detachable holster for the gun, and it’s available in multiple colors.

Finally, Caddy Vantage.

This is another top tier Caddy rack.

This one has a vertical barrel and detachable mount.

This version comes with both a vertical and horizontal drum brake and detaching accessory rack, and comes with an ambidextrous sling mount that can be used both in and out of the rack.

Caddy Mockingbird is the cheapest rack out there.

This Caddy is an awesome little guy that comes with detachable drum brake mounts and a sling mount to use with the Caddielocks MockingBird rifle.

Caddle Stoner is another rack that comes in at just under $40.

It has two drum brake mounting points, and both can be adjusted with a simple screwdriver.

The Stoner also comes with two detachable, removable sling mounts.

CADDIES CADDI-DOREET  CADDI RACK  (click for larger image) CADDY BARREL   (click for bigger image) MOCKINGBIRD  CRANE MOCKER BARREL (click here for larger version) Caddia RACING BAR  FIVE-BARREL RACK (click image for larger) Caddy RACKS  PISTOL-FIRE BARREL PISTOL (click on image for bigger version) __________________