How to make a coffee cup without a filter

Starbucks announced it will install a coffee filter in the new display racks it plans to install in the US.

The new design, called the Starry, is the latest innovation in the chain’s attempt to expand into the Americas.

It is the first time Starbucks has installed a filter in its display racks.

The coffee chain is also taking a cue from coffee-makers and replacing the filter with a ceramic one.

But, as the company explains, the ceramic filter is less likely to absorb microorganisms and germs.

Starbucks’ new display shelves are meant to serve as a gateway for customers to shop in the store.

Customers will have to wait in line for the coffee to be poured.

The company has said it hopes to sell over 100 million cups a year.

The new display rack is expected to be in place by the end of this year.

Starring in the latest installment of the newscast, Fox News’ Catherine Herridge reports on the coffee-maker’s efforts to expand the US market.