‘I Like Being A Gidget’: My New Style for a Happy Thanksgiving

“I am not the biggest of Gifters.

I don’t even have a big gidget.

But I am a very good Gidget, I think,” said Kristin Zetterberg, a 29-year-old New York City native who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in 2012.

“I have this beautiful smile, and it just makes my day.”

As the mother of three kids, Zetterberger was also diagnosed with lung cancer in 2015, but the disease recurred.

“It’s hard to be so confident in yourself, but I really appreciate all the support I’ve gotten,” Zetterberts told New York magazine.

“Being able to show support and encouragement and kind of get to know each other has been really important.” 

Zetterberg is the first person with cyst disease diagnosed in the United States to have her own brand of handmade Gidget.

Zetterbach’s brand, called Zetterger, uses recycled materials like cardstock, plastic and other natural materials to make its products.

The company is working to produce and distribute its own versions of Zetterbeg, Zetterbeg with heart shaped heart, and Zetterbeeg with a heart shape. 

Zetteberz, who is also a graphic designer and social media strategist, says she decided to create a collection that was both fun and practical. 

“I thought, What if we did a collection with heart shapes?

So that’s what I started to think about,” she said.

“How do I make something that is fun, that is practical, that has a purpose and I can wear it for the holidays?

I love making things, and I want people to know that I love them.

I want them to know how much I love and appreciate the things that I make.” 

In the video, ZetteberZ’s sister, Stephanie, tells the story of how she got her inspiration for the brand.

“My mom would bring me this box of stuff and tell me, ‘Don’t buy this because it’s going to make your mom cry.

It’s going for you, it’s beautiful.

Go buy this.’

I remember thinking, Well, I love this because my mom is going to cry.”

Zetterberz’s sister said her sister would often get frustrated by her mother’s complaints about the products.

“She would say, ‘Mom, I have to put this on, because I can’t find anything else to wear,'” she said of her mother.

“So I would just say, I’m not really a gidget person.

But what if you were?”

ZetterBerts sister, whose name is Stephanie Zetterbär, started to collect gifts for ZetterBes and ZetBes, including the first ever Zetter Bär Gidget in 2012, which is a hand-shaped, heart shaped Gidget with a single eye, called the Zetter Began.

The Gidget is a must-have for any Gidget lover, and is available on the Zettebärs Etsy shop and at Zetterzbeg.com. 

The brand has now become a go-to for holiday givers, with ZetteBär and ZetteBeGis products being popular among those who want a Gidget but don’t have the money or space for a traditional Gidget-themed gift.

“I think it’s really important to make sure that you’re going to have something that fits,” ZetteBerz said.

Zettebeg is not only a fun way to give thanks, but it’s also a great way to have fun and be creative.

“Gifting is a really great way of giving back,” Zettelberz said of the collection.

“You can go out and do other things, you can do things for charity, but we’re all just here to be happy.”

Zetter Berths collection has also received praise from fellow Gidget devotees, who have complimented the designs.

“These Gifts are a perfect gift for anyone,” said Melissa Stoltz, a 30-year old New York resident who became interested in Gifting when her father started to suffer from cystic Fibrosis.

“They’re the perfect addition to a traditional holiday gift, or a gift to anyone with a different diagnosis or who’s looking for something a little different.” 

“Gifting is a great gift for any gidget lover.

You can go do other stuff, you should have a fun and creative gidget for your birthday, or for Christmas,” said Stephanie Zettebrügger. 

Gifters are a fun, unique and practical way to share your love of the gifts that you make with someone else.

“Everyone has a unique gift and they should have it too,” said ZetteBERT.

“Every day you should be doing something creative.” Zette