When the new stadium is built, we’ll see new display racks for football gear

It’s the second stadium for Juventus and a big deal.

The first was the Stadio Olimpico in Milan, which was a massive stadium that hosted the likes of AC Milan, Lazio and Inter.

It was completed in 1998, and while it was used for many games it was largely forgotten after the construction of the new Stadios Nou Camp.

Since then, there have been several other stadiums built for the Italian giants, most notably in Buenos Aires and in Mexico City.

When the new Juventus stadium is finished, we can expect to see a new display rack for football merchandise, as well as the introduction of a few more items to the store.

According to Juve owner Silvio Berlusconi, the new football stadium will feature a new area for merchandising. 

“It is not a new building, it is a new part of the stadium.

A new area with a special space for merchands,” Berlusci said in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.”

The first store we opened is in the upper section of the building, with the new logo of the club.

In the new area, we will have an area that has a special area for the merchandises. 

The area will also be equipped with special shelves and bins.”

There are also plans to introduce a new section to the stadium for the use of fans, as part of a larger merchandizing plan for the stadium, according to Berlusca.

“There will be a section for the fans to be able to buy merchandise and for the merchandise to be on display, which will be an area for fans to come and experience the new facility,” he said.

Berlusconi is not the only one hoping to see the first store for fans, either.

There are also some plans to expand the existing merchandised area, including an indoor store for the general public, according a report in Corriere della Sera.

The plan would include an open-air store, where fans could get merchandise from the stadium and even sell it at the stadium itself.

According the report, the idea was to provide a unique and exclusive experience for fans.

“We have been looking for a way to bring our fans to the game.

In this area, the fans can experience a new and exclusive space, which is an area where we have a big presence,” Berusconi said.