Why you need to check out the new V8’s battery life

By now you’ve probably seen the news of Apple’s decision to ditch the lithium ion battery in the new iPhone 7 Plus.

This means that if you’re using the iPhone 7, you’ll be getting less battery life than before, as Apple has now introduced a new feature in the Settings app called “Auto Charge.”

In a way, this is like the “Always-on” feature in Apple Watch that automatically charges your watch as you go about your day, so you don’t have to press your wrist to make it charge.

But Apple isn’t the only tech company using Auto Charge to make battery life more pleasant for the average user.

Google has introduced the “Pulse Power” feature, which allows you to use your smartphone to make the battery charge when it’s charging, and it’s one of the more promising additions to the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant also has a new “power-saving mode,” which can be enabled or disabled on your phone.

When the Power Power Saving Mode is on, the phone will automatically shut down and stop recording data if you don to power the phone down.

If the Power Saving mode is disabled, the power will still be turned on when you press the power button.

If you’re still on the phone, it’ll also pause recording data.

When you go to the Settings menu and tap Auto Power, you can also turn off the power saving feature.

But you’ll still need to press the Power button twice, so it’s not ideal for people who just want to take the phone out for a quick charge.

Google’s Power Saving feature will work on the new iPhones as well.

The new iPhones can still be powered down by the power port and by the USB Type-C port.

If your phone has a microUSB port, you may want to use that instead.

But be aware that you’ll need to re-install the Android app from your phone to enable this feature.

If you have an older iPhone, you could try to turn off Auto Power on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus by following the same procedure.

You’ll need the new Android app to turn this feature off.

In the new settings, you should be able to toggle the Power Save mode on or off by going to the “Power” section and tapping “Power Saving.”

When you’re done, you won’t need to go to Settings to turn it back on.

If your phone can’t charge, you’re probably going to want to go back to the previous settings you had for Auto Power.

That’s because it doesn’t appear the Power saving feature will always automatically charge your phone when you turn it off.

To turn it on, you have to go into the “Battery” section in Settings and tap “Charge.”