A food-related challenge to keep up with the weather

A family of four from New Brunswick has been spending their days in their kitchen working in a food-centric way.

A week ago, the family spent two days in the kitchen making bread from scratch.

It was their second attempt to make bread using the ingredients in a traditional oven and they’re confident their success is proof they’re on the right track.

The kitchen was originally set up to showcase the family’s baking skills.

It was the family who decided to do their own bread.

“We’ve been doing this since we were little kids and we’ve never been able to really figure out how to make anything, how to cook anything.

It’s like you can’t even make bread,” said Sara Mottron.

Sara says baking in her family is an art form and they were inspired by the way their grandparents made bread.

The family’s success has been so rewarding, they’re looking to create more bread recipes, even one for their kids.

“I don’t know if we’ll make more, but we want to try.

We want to do more, we just want to make sure we’re good enough to be able to bake a loaf.

It will make us more confident and we can be better.

It’ll be a good day for us,” said Mottion.

The bakery’s owner, Sara Mowat, says her family’s dedication and passion to baking is inspiring.

“It makes you feel like you’re in a baking studio and you’re doing something,” said Sarah Mottun.