Sagging glass on display racks could lead to beer sales slump

READ MORE: The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued a warning to the liquor industry over the issue of the glass being too thin.

“We want to be clear this is a concern for the consumer, and we’re recommending that retailers not apply this thinning to their shelves until they have an in-depth assessment of whether this is going to be an issue,” ACCC chairman Rod Sims said on Thursday.

“But we also want to point out that this is an issue that has occurred in the past, so we’ve seen similar issues in the retail industry and we’ve also seen this sort of thing before.”

So we have been warning retailers to consider this before they apply this thinnering.

“It’s an issue we have seen before, and that’s something we want to encourage retailers to look at.”

The ACCC is concerned that “a very large proportion of people have a problem with the glass on their display racks”.

“We’ve seen this in the drinks and food industries, and I think we’ve been seeing this in retail,” Mr Sims said.

“There’s a significant amount of glass on a display rack.”

I think it’s important that retailers are aware of this issue, and make sure that they’re taking reasonable measures to make sure they have a healthy and safe experience for people and the environment.

“The industry says that it has no choice but to make changes to make the environment better, and it wants the ACCC to act.”

The ACCCs approach is that it doesn’t have the powers to regulate the industry, it’s up to the consumers to make those decisions,” ACCCC spokesperson Sarah Tannen said.

The ACCCC says retailers are encouraged to make a number of changes, including: