When is the last time you checked your phone?

The new iPhone XS and XS Max, which hit stores today, will have an aluminum display bar on the top of the device.

This will make the device lighter and more compact.

The company previously said the new iPhones would have a display bar, but did not confirm this detail until today.

The aluminum display is actually a thin layer of plastic that has been coated with an ink that can be easily removed and used for various applications.

In addition to the display bar that Apple introduced with the iPhone X, the company has added a camera hump and a speaker grille to the iPhone 8 Plus.

The display bar is made of a transparent material that is slightly thicker than the surrounding glass.

This makes it more durable and provides an additional layer of protection against drops and scratches.

The iPhone X is also getting a redesigned camera hump that sits in the middle of the phone.

The device’s design is also going to change with the new iPhone.

The phone will be slimmer in its overall shape.

The front of the iPhone will be narrower than before, while the sides will be slightly slimmer.

The rear of the smartphone will also be slightly narrower than it was on the iPhone 7.

The sides of the new phone will also have a slimmer profile.

This means that the iPhone’s front will be smaller than the sides of its back.

This could make the new smartphone a more compact device, especially in comparison to the older iPhone X. The camera hump is one of the many changes that Apple is making with the upcoming iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

The new phones have a new camera lens with an f/1.8 aperture.

This lens is made to capture more light.

As a result, the iPhone 10s will have a larger sensor than the iPhone 9s and iPhone X with the same sensor.

The lens will be even wider than the ones in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

These lenses are called Super Super Wide Angle lenses.

When you use the lens, you’ll be able to capture a greater amount of light.

This is because of the lens’ extra aperture, which lets it capture much more light than other lenses in the smartphone.

The design of the camera hump will be a bit different on the new smartphones.

The hump will not be completely flat.

The back of the display will have sliders that allow the display to rotate slightly.

The bottom of the screen will also rotate slightly when you use a slider.

The overall design of this new hump will also feature a new LED flash, as well as an LED notification light.

The LED flash will flash on when the screen is dimmed.

The notification light will flash when the display is bright.

The power button will flash red when the iPhone is in standby mode, blue when the device is in the Fast Mode, or green when the phone is in Power Saving Mode.

The LEDs on the display have a different color.

The light emitted from the LEDs will also change depending on the brightness of the LED.